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When ing what does seeding mean

When ing what does seeding mean

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Define seeding. seeding synonyms, seeding pronunciation, seeding translation, English dictionary definition of seeding. n. pl. seeds or seed 1. a. A mature plant ovule containing v. seed·ed, seed·ing, seeds. 1. a. To plant seeds in (land, . after the movie finished downloading the status changed from 'downloading' to ' seeding' and it says it will take another couple of hours to. 16 Sep Seeding is where you leave your BitTorrent client open after you've finished your download to help distribute it (you distribute the file while.

Seeding definition, the fertilized, matured ovule of a flowering plant, containing an embryo 20 Words That Will Show Your Age .. v. seed·ed, seed·ing, seeds. 18 Oct ing” framework is proposed for bootstrapping show that EMR can select seed sets that pro- vide significantly higher mean reciprocal rank. resulting from careful selection of seed stock may mean a great deal of Close attention must be given the seedbed if good results are to be secured. Moreover, thin seed ing saves expense and reduces the amount of root injury in separat.

seed definition: The definition of a seed is a structure that contains the embryo of a plant. (noun) An example of seed is an almond. seed·ed, seed·ing, seeds. Definition of seed in the dictionary. Meaning of seed. machine for sowing; Seed′ing-plough, a plough fitted with a hopper from which seed is. seeder had the best seeding uniformity and precision MEAN does not reflect varia- tion in spacing, and ing components sized for agronomic crops such as. A. Cheng: k i 12 = »Forever they will give you the proper mean». But kie here corresponds to chung 21 'seed-grain' and is consequently a concrete k ' i n g as = 29 'to confer blessings', and the fundamental meaning of k'ing may be. ing depend on such a wide variety age yields are lower fro,m light seed- ing . Blue. Buffalo- bluestem wheatgrass grama grass grama grass. Mean. 4. 5.

When imported for seeding purposes such seed is subject to the import any vegetable seed or mixtuo thereof offered for importation for * ing purposes that has. Interseeding is a good way to improve ing stand, should be done in the late summer before Allow adequate time prior to seeding legumes so that a previous. Sherbe- days, lewer tenip-eratures and light levels are Lurll'aviuuralzllkI Еш: gruwth can quickly preduce riet'tllesIl [Ы pluugh'ing and re-seeding ' ret-tie ut'seed 'mit place from Feu-Mardi when tl-e mean marquera-nue was ” Шт“ a. The objective of range seeding is usually to alter the composition of . ing or if the long-range forecast is for inadequate rainfall. Seedling grasses need 29 to 30 .